Sewage / Grey Water Treatment


grey water treatment kerala

Gray water is water that has been used for washing dishes, garments, or bathing. Basically, any water apart from rest room wastes, exiting from a house is Grey water. Though this used water might contain grease, food particles, hair, and any other type of impurities, it should still be good for recycle. Reusing Grey water serves 2 purposes: it reduces the quantity of fresh required to be used a house, and reduces the quantity of waste water getting into sewer or septic systems.

Chelate Engineering design. build and maintain Sewage / Grey water treatment plants in Kerala and other parts of India. We are committed in providing the best water treatment facilities according to the needs of the customers.

We mainly build Sewage / Grey water treatment plants for Residential Complexes, Hospitals, Showrooms, and other water intensive industries to reduce the amount of water needed to be pumped up from ground water as the water coming from the household can be recycled and reused.

Benefits of using Grey Water:

  • Reducing your potable water consumption
  • Minimizing the amount of sewage discharged into the ocean or rivers
  • Reduced  water bills
  • A healthier garden, especially during drought periods.