Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR)


MBBR - Moving bed bio reactor keralaDriven by technically advanced facilities at ultra-modern unit, we are presenting an extensive variety of Moving Bed Bio-film Reactor that serves as a medium for biological growth and contains moving tube settler. Offered array can handle industrial and domestic sewage coming from large commercial complexes, industrial residences, small and medium industries. Provided assortment is widely renowned for its high performance.

We at Chelate Engineering Build and Manage MBBR Moving Bed Bio-Reactor across Kerala & Overseas. Since MBBR has high surface area to grow bio-film and electrostatic surface charge it increase treatment efficiency and buffer the bio-film communities against toxic compounds in the wastewater. the growing need to recycle & reuse of waste water makes us introduce revolutionary ideas to tackle problems concerning waste water treatment.

  • Chelate Engineering Designs, Builds & Maintains biological treatment system supported by the revolutionary Moving Bed Bio Reactor Technology with high surface area and made of PE.
  • The system can cut the footprint  of standard waste water treatment plants by over 70%.
  • The system may also be adopted to increase the capability of existing activated sludge based method treatment plants by a minimum of 150% with no need for extra construction.